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Ahhhhhh this was hard to write, because it brought me face to face with so many times I stepped out of myself to try to belong.

Standing in my uniform on the playground hiding my feelings so that I could be “the funny one.” Agreeing with my mother so that I wouldn’t get into trouble.

Trying to poof up and be big when I felt small.

Trying to shrink and be small when I felt big.

Hiding my vulnerability because no one likes the “needy ones.” Saying “yes” when I meant “no.” Not admitting to my creativity.

The list goes on from babyhood to now. I believe that all of us have a list. A list of times where we believed that being someone or something else had more value than just being who we are.

But here’s the thing...The who we are has always been there. We were born with it. The Who we are is not defined by anyone else’s ideas of who we should be.

You got this,
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Ohhhh I wish my younger self could have heard this. Trying to be what we believe someone else wants is a learned response. Somewhere along the way you learn that if you do this you feel approved of and accepted. It makes sense why you did it, why you bent yourself into a pretzel in order to belong. Why you blended in to feel loved.

It’s time for some unlearning. What would happen if you stopped bending and blending and just showed up as who you really are?

It may sound like a big risk, I know, but The freedom on the other side is the knowing that you belong just as you are. Breathe into this, and see if it may be worth the risk.
Show up and be seen.
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